A jet contrail that has been laced with chemical or biological agents. Also: chem-trail, chem trail.
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Wonder how the Bush administration arranged for the destruction of the World Trade Center? Curious why the government planes are releasing toxic chemtrails into our atmosphere? Step right up, because for a record 26 days, KPFK-FM (90.7) not only provided answers but offered to hook you up with that sweet DVD set, unveiling the fuller, darker truth.
—James Rainey, " Schism at KPFK leaves factions warring over programming, fundraising and leadership:," Los Angeles Times, March 27, 2010
Ah, the old "chemtrail conspiracy" theory. The idea that the white lines of condensed water vapor that you see following planes, contrails, are really a toxic substance intentionally being sprayed on people by the government has been around at least since 1996.
—" Q&A: Government is not spraying chemicals:," St. Petersburg Times, June 1, 2010
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So Levinson - and plenty of cohorts on the Internet, not to mention one well-known AM radio talk show host — are spreading the word about "chemtrails," as they call them. Levinson et al say the trails contain bacteriological pathogens and an assortment of toxic chemicals. The government is "spraying" our fair skies for dark, dark reasons.
—John Boyle, "Chemtrails' heat up Asheville skies," The Asheville Citizen-Times, March 22, 1999
For more than you probably want to know about the chemtrail "conspiracy," or if you simply enjoy thorough refutations (or, I guess, refudiations: of this kind of thing, see the chemtrails entry: in The Skeptic's Dictionary.
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Discussions about chemtrails have been happening since the 60's.chemtrails are killing the bees, the bees are leaving the hive and not returning,some moron people are saying that it is caused by a virus (they are getting grants)i have been studying this for 10 years.I can’t believe there are still some ppl that are defending the government and saying that there is no such thing and that what everyone is seeing are simply contrails. That would be a totally plausible explanation if there wasn’t already leaked gov documents outlining how and why they are spraying chemtrails over the air ( this: does a pretty good job of explaining it.) It’s called the HAARP project, and is built on the concepts of radio frequency radiation that Tesla was getting into before he died/was killed. Apparently, what the planes are releasing are barium salts, which (with the help of microwave energy) can manipulate anything from the weather to varying life forms in the environment. This is also most likely the reason why certain species of birds and fish have been dying recently. If you see planes making a criss coss pattern or contrails that linger for half a day or so when in relatively dry environments, you’re most likely witnessing chemtrails being dispersed. My friend lives in Arizona where it’s extremely dry year around, and just last month he caught a pic on his home security camera a group of planes making a crosshatch type formation.I certainly will not get lost .
TE perplexed, IS AN AUTHENTIC SPECTATOR CLOUDS CLEAR, see how the chemicals sprayed in the atmosphere is literally eat the clouds, OF COURSE TO CHECK, HE SLIGHTLY INCREASED SPEED
chemtrail en madrid
Javito channel my youtube site
Planes naturally emmit aerosol particles which will aggravate new cloud formations. Scientific papers already details how plane-traffic create more clouds and change the climate on earth. No need for fancy ideas about massive chemical spraying from special tubes when it's already happening from regular jet engines.

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